Working List of Works

Here, following some foot-dragging on the matter, is my working list of Shostakovich’s compositions, based mostly on Laurel Fay’s list in Shostakovich: A Life but with assists from Wikipedia (not reliable in itself), Derek Hulme’s catalog, album liner notes, and a couple of online discographies.  The list will change somewhat, no doubt, as I move through it.

The software-developer impulse in me, such as it is, suggests that I should put all this into a database, display it dynamically in order to minimize data entry and rework, automatically tie the list to the posts, run a custom WordPress installation if it comes to that, etc. etc.  But this project is an effort to make me think and write, not to program more computers, so plain text will do for now.  Perhaps down the line I can at least format it into a bullet list.

As it stands now, I’m at number 34 out of 199, putting me at about 17% of the way home.  Though of course not all of that will be bloggable; based on my searches so far the biggest soft spots will be in Shostakovich’s wartime choral music, with a couple of film scores hard to get at as well.

Coming up next will be Lady Macbeth of the Mtsensk District, his operatic masterwork.  And beyond that … well, again, it’s all on the list.



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